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We are a human-centered community of learners.

Stephanie Koscielski

University of Missouri-St. Louis

I have been committed to my work in public education for 25  years, enjoying developing deep thinking, engaged learners from elementary through higher ed. I hold three teaching certifications: Elementary, Middle School Language Arts and Middle School Social Studies, and I have my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. I am currently the Director of Clinical Experience and School Partnerships in UMSL’s College of Education, where I work with hundreds of students each year, developing them into courageous problem solvers, deep thinkers and tomorrow’s high achieving, culturally responsive education leaders.


I  joined the creative CoLab community in 2014, and have been weaving  ResponsiveDesign’s Explore, Envision, Enact into UMSL’s teacher candidates’ work, as they begin to think of themselves as a collaborative team of learners who intentionally collaborate, instruct and reflect on their own practices and make self-discoveries that lead to more effective teaching principals. It’s an exciting time for me as I spread my CoLab wings and continue my work with pre-service as well in in-service education professionals.

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