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We are a human-centered community of learners.

Ralph Córdova

Principal, Rio Del Sol School

My earliest education began in 1970 when I was born into a passionate and creative Mexican-American family. Those early cultural settings prepared me to build a future life as a teacher completing my B.A. in German Literature & Language at UC Riverside in 1992, then later my teaching credential at UC Santa Barbara in 1993 after which I taught most grades (mostly 3rd) for almost 14 years in Spanish-English bilingual settings. In 1995 I became a National Writing Project Fellow joining the South Coast Writing Project. I later completed a Ph.D. in education in 2004 at UC Santa Barbara. Now, I work with practicing and future teachers, undergraduates and doctoral students in the University of Missouri Saint Louis’s College of Education in the Department of Teaching & Learning.


I love the CoLab because it is a network of diverse thinkers, doers and makers. We share a perspective that values cultural knowledge, past, present and future — and that cultural knowledge is socially constructed by the communities we create. And those communities — whether a 2nd grade classroom, a university physics class, libraries or museums, a neighborhood, or any space — we view a Cultural Landscapes for Learning.

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