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Learn to lead by nurturing a culture where any lesson becomes an opporunity to Inquiry Into My Practice (IIMP). Learn to innovate your teaching practice, meeting the promise of the Common Core State Standards and The Next Generation Science Standards with the support of a ThinkingPartner. And, invest in the future learning lives of your students by attending to Durable Practices that make a difference now, and ones that continue to develop across their academic lives.


What kind of learning culture would you like to build?

ENVISION: You Can Create Thriving Innovating School Cultures

You Are The Theory


Ever wonder what life-changing, and human-centric, professional development looks like? One that isn't a one-size-fits all approach; instead one that is customized for you, your students and school? 


Ever wonder how you can transform your school and organization into an innovating culture, where teachers and students learn with and from each other?


Ever wonder how to systemically sustain and scale-up powerful learning within and across your learning community?


By now you know that CoLab can partner with you to harness ResponsiveDesign to explore, envision, enact innovations in all curricular areas and subjects.

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