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ResponsiveDesign is a design-centric theory for innovating that casts learners as empathic and visionary prototypers, who harness it to create powerful learning spaces.  It has grown out of our collective efforts to notice and name the durable practices at the center of successful learning communities. ResponsiveDesign is informed by a complementary body of empirical research from the traditions of anthropology & ethnography (cultures); sociolinguistics (language in society); discourse analysis (how we shape our world with words and texts); literary theory (how our interactions become particular texts which have materiality); and art & design (how to nurture innovation).


ResponsiveDesign harnesses powerful understandings, insights and approaches from these complementary traditions, making them immediately accessible to educators seeking research-based understandings to spur shifts in cultural practices within their local communities. These scholarly traditions inform ResponsiveDesign's DNA: Deep-Dive & Document, Notice & Name; Analyze & Announce. 

ResponsiveDesign's DNA pushes us to act by exploring to develop empathy, envisioning by deferring judgment, and enacting in order to learn from success and failure.


ResponsiveDesign's DNA acknowledges and embraces all people as naturally creative, as theory-makers and theory-testers. And it places us front and center of the learning, nurturing us to become innovators & prototypers of practice. These principled habits of action, over time become our principled habits of mind.


What is ResponsiveDesign?

Why You are the Theory & the Technology in Action

Growth mindsets are important if we’re to create teaching and learning cultures that achieve through creativity and innovation. We recognize that knowledge raplidly generates, and we are not short of new ideas. And this can overwhelm. That's why we're are insistant that technologies and theories have arisin from people. Therefore, they are within our reach to harness. And most important technology, or theory, necessary to harness is you.

A bias toward action: Explore, Envision, Enact!

How ResponsiveDesign Works

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