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We are a human-centered community of learners.

Ann Taylor

University of Missouri-St. Louis

I received my B.Sc. in geography from Nottingham University, UK, and after a brief detour as a computer analyst/programmer, I returned to education and receved a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from West Midlands College of Higher Education. After eight years as a 6-12th grade geography teacher in three public, urban schools in Sheffield, living and working in the heart of innovative curricular and action research movements, I transitioned to become a teacher educator in the U.S.A. My master’s degree from the University of Sheffield, was followed by a Ph.D. from Washington University in St. Louis. After a decade of teaching at Principia College, I moved to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville where I became Director of Elementary Education for a decade. Working with Ralph Córdova, I became a fellow of the National Writing Project, and a Co-Director of the CoLab. In 2013, I moved to University of Missouri-St. Louis, to follow my passion for innovative and creative pedagogies and collaborative teacher learning. I am currently Associate Dean for School and Community Partnerships at UMSL. I invite educators, administrators and community members to join us and locate themselves in a community of energetic, innovative, and passionate educators who eagerly share their learning with others.

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