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We are a human-centered community of learners.

Nicole Schon

South Coast Writing Project

Over the past 7 years, I have taught GATE, 5th grade, English and Social Studies at a variety of schools in the Santa Barbara area. While positions and school sites have changed, my dedication to creating equitable, safe learning communities has remainedconstant. In my teaching, I strive to create meaningful curriculum that fosters a culture of innovative critical thinkers who embrace challenge and celebrate the joys of learning.I am fueled by a passionate desire to learn and grow, and oftentimes students are my best instructors. I recognize an imperative need to embrace the culture of these digital natives as we strive to harness the power and reach deeper understandings of the many literacies that inform their lives, from cultural to academic, social to technological.In 2008 I became a fellow of the South Coast Writing Project at UC Santa Barbara. This empowered me as a professional, propelled me to new understandings of writing and literacy, and eventually led me to the CoLab. Here I have found a wellspring of energy, collaborating with dynamic educators who dwell in possibility, thrive on inquiry, and thrill in the messy business of learning.

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