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We are a human-centered community of learners.

I have been teaching English in Alton, Illinois since 1996. I hold a masters degree in teaching writing from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. I first became a fellow of the National Writing Project through the Mississippi Valley Writing Project, an experience I mark as one of the most influential in my professional career. In 2008, I jumped at the opportunity to help lead a site, The Piasa Bluffs Writing Project (PBWP). Together with many of the folks that helped found PBWP, I continue to pursue my professional development and action-research interests as a member of the Cultural Landscapes Collabortory (Colab). I currently lead Alton High’s Literacy Laboratory, an innovative professional learning community (PLC) supported by the theories of action emerging out of the work of the Colab.

Jeff Hudson

Roxana High School

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