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We exist in a cacophony of theoretical voices and echoes. But does hearing and knowing these theories provide the wisdom to make a difference in our schools, in our lives? A 21st century difference? Have we forgotten that these theories are technologies arisen from you? YOU are the theory. You are the technology in action.


You are the Theory

You are the Technology in Action

The CoLab recognizes, and embraces, that teachers are not passivie theory and idea consumers. In fact, they are active co-constructors, producers of theories, ideas and diverse knowledge forms and structures. And we harness this truth in the work we do to support educators to create robust learning communities, ones that draw on complementary socio-cutlural theories and traditions from art and design. We participate with educators in their professional learning communities assisting them access, seeming inaccessible theoretical perspectives, by enacting them in the very work we do together. In this way, a once abstract idea—oftentimes barely graspable in a university methods course or doctoral dissertation— is animated in the learning experiences we create together.


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