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Research in Education & Design: REDlab

Research in Education and Design: REDlab

In 2011 CoLab directors Ralph Córdova and Ann Taylor were among 10 educational leaders from around the world went to the d.School to give a REDtalk about the CoLab. This network involved diverse scholars in diverse settings examining and disseminating what they were learning about design-centric approaches within traditional socio-cultural learning frameworks.

CoLab Leaders give REDtalk

The d.School at Stanford University has a special place in our collective CoLab heart.  In 2009, we first visited the d.School to expressly learn about its design-thinking approach, during a time when that idea was relatively below the radar-screen of people's minds.  Among the lasting friendships we developed, the CoLab also recognized that if we were to make a difference in the world, we needed to name our tried and true theory of action processes. That trip precipitated our uttering ResponsiveDesign as for the first time.

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