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What happens when sociocultural theories and traditions from art & design hold hands?

In the fall 2012 Ralph Córdova, CoLab founder and director, posed this question before a group of educational scholars from Estonia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway. NORDlac is a network, of Nordic universities' top educational scholars, and, their doctoral students engaging in a shared endeavor to conceptualize, study and generate knowledge on the situated and connected nature of learning across a range of formal, semi-formal to informal settings.



NORDlac: Nordic Countries Learning Across Contexts

NORDlac was in its 2nd year as a nascent network, and Córdova asked the audience,"How will you know you have met your objectives? Any thoughts on how you will tell the story of how NordLAC emerged?"  Córdova led the group through an interactive exploration of the CoLab's emergence as a Liquid Networked Community, as a representation of the ways networked communities evolve over time.

CoLab Director Invited to Give Keynote Address

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